Friday, October 2, 2009

To My Baby

A little life, a precious pearl
growing within my womb
Maybe a son?
Maybe a daughter?
Can't wait till I see it bloom-
I have a name for you little one
I picked it with thought and care
I saw you with love and tenderness
and saw that you were so fair
I knew you would be a special child
and I had special plans in view
if you were a girl, a sweet one you'd be
if a son you'd be strong and true
I held you and kissed your soft little face
in daydreams I'd rock you and sing
of angels in heaven, and Jesus love
and all of earths sweetest things
I bought you some little items you'd need
and planned you a cozy room
And oh the joy to think of the years
I had to watch you bloom
I could hardly wait till I felt you flutter
and turning with a swirl
And day by day my heart filled with love
for my little precious pearl
But God chose to have you blooming for him
in the beauty of heavens land
And your mother is holding you, in her heart
as though she were holding your hand!
~By Elizabeth Ann


Nicole said...

That is so beautiful Liz.

Brother Richard said...

That is precious - I am sure that many other mothers could use this poem in times of similar loss.

Felecia said...

very sweet, but very sad too. :( yet God knows what He is doing - doesn't mean it doesn't hurt though. love ya! stay strong! :)

Sacramento said...

It's beautifully poetic...not because it rhymes...or solely due to words...but because of the love and thoughts behind this poem. Thank you for sharing it. It is very sweet.

Sherry Dee said...

Ahhhh... that was sweet! What an awsome thing to know that your baby is with the KING! I'm sure He is showering the BOTH with Love. Stay strong my Sister! I love you. Tie a knott and hold on! I am praying for you:)