Thursday, May 29, 2008


At 11;57 p.m. this evening, exaclty 17 years ago, I became a mother. The most wonderful thing that God ever did for me besides saving me from sin. They laid a healthy, beautiful baby girl in my arms. She was very upset about the whole ordeal, but I would stroke her soft cheek with my forefinger and talk with her and she would stop bellowing and look up at me. I was mesmerized. A gift from heaven. There are no words to tell of the joy, the beauty, the wonder of becoming a mother. So today, 17 years later, is Felecia Genevieve's birthday. The name Felecia means happines or great joy.

When she was about five years old, I had salmon steaks in the oven. They usually come in a U shape. She could smell something different cooking and came in and asked me what we were having for dinner. When I told her we were having Salmon steaks she peered in the oven at them and said, "ohhhh, were having fish legs for dinner." Fancy that!

Another time around the same age, she was taking a bath and I went to clip her finger and toe nails. I started with her fingernails, but noticed that they were very short. "Felecia Genevieve, you need to quit biting your nails!" She listened with a slight guilty expression. "Give me your foot", I said. She lifted her foot up and triumphantly announced, "Now these I DON"T bite!" Hmmm...

The years are running by

onward...out of sight;

My children aren't so tiny

as just a fore' night

They're thinking, planning, yearning

Their wings to stretch and fly;

It won't be long when they will take

their wing and say goodbye

Oh Lord help me prepare them

that they would trust your ways;

And let your Holy spirit

guide them all their days

So in their flight of joy

mindful they would be;

that life is full of sorrows

and they have need of thee

And when their sun is darkend

and storm clouds dim their view;

they'll find a welcomed shelter

In snuggling close to you

Oh Lord please over shadow

and keep them in thy care;

That they would know you personally

Will always be my prayer!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Motherhood is a partnership with God"

A joyful mother of children,
'tis what God has made of me
A beautiful quiver of little ones,
To brighten my home with glee

A joy mother of children,
'tis Gods choosen for my days
kiddies to cuddle, teach and train,
To show them all of God's ways

A joyful mother of children,
'tis a gift from the Lord above
To point them the way to the Savior,
And show them his great heart of love

A joyful mother of children,
'tis what the Lord deemed was best
A treasure no words can picture,
held close to the dear mothers breast

A joyful mother of children,
'tis what God has made of me
A mission field given from heaven,
t'will last through eternity!
By, LizAnn

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD. (Ps. 113:9)