Friday, January 15, 2010

Brighten Your Corner of the World

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do,
Do not wait to shed your light afar,
To the many duties ever near you now be true,
Brighten the corner where you are.

Just above are clouded skies you may help to clear,
Let not narrow self your way debar;
Though into one heart alone may fall your song of cheer,
Brighten the corner where you are.
Here for all your talent you may surely find a need,
Here reflect the bright and Morning Star;
Even from your humble hand the Bread of Life may feed,
Brighten the corner where you are.
~ By Ina Ogdon

Some "Bright" Ideas

1. Clear off your kitchen table and put a fresh bouquet of flowers on it
2. Let in the outside air; open all the windows and dust with lemon spray
3. Wash your sheets and let them air dry outside
4. Put a roast in the crock pot
5. Put on some good uplifting gospel music or sing!
6. Light a sweet smelling candle
7. Bake some cookies or bread
8. Write a love letter to your spouse; tell him three things you appreciate about him
9. Write a special scripture down and put it somewhere you will read it often
10. Plan a good character building Bible lesson to bring your children


Nicole said...

What great ideas! Thanks for that!

Felecia said...

Great ideas.... ;)